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Englewood, Colorado Contempt and Enforcement Attorney

Enforcing court orders
Contempt of court charges result from a deliberate failure to follow a court order, from showing disrespect for the authority of the court, or from a disruption of judicial proceedings. If you are in the position of being, or soon to be, in contempt of court, contact an attorney with the experience to handle contempt proceedings. My 30 years’ experience enables me to effectively intercede on your behalf and minimize the negative consequences.

Some examples of criminal contempt include:

  • Leaving the courtroom without permission
  • Showing hostility to judges or other court authorities
  • Turning your back on the judge when you’re being addressed
  • Wearing inappropriate clothing

If you are already charged with criminal contempt, my experience and thorough knowledge of common law governing Contempt of Court matters enables me to assertively fight your charges.

Penalties for criminal contempt charges
In Colorado, if you act in contempt of court while other charges are pending against you, this can seriously impact the outcome of your other charges. While contempt charges are considered to be a “petty offense” rather than a misdemeanor or felony, they can still warrant jail time. With my meticulous preparation and thorough review, I create strong legal positions for you against contempt charges.

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